Ministry of health estimates 400,000 babies are lost in abortions annually, your donation could change the narrative.

An allegation that homosexuals are “BORN THAT WAY” is a tool that most these advocates use. If scientists can show that homosexuality is a genetic trait, then homosexuals may have a legitimate claim to being protected as a minority class under federal and state civil rights laws.
Whatever the outcome of scientific studies, the most important point that we can make is that the question over the genetic nature of homosexuality is completely irrelevant to the debate.
Even if homosexuals are “born that way,” this is absolutely no excuse to give in to their desires and endanger themselves and others. After all, alcoholism has been proven to be a genetic trait. But do we see organized activist alcoholics demanding the right to get roaring drunk every night, the right to drive while drunk, and the right to be protected from the consequences of their behavior when they are drunk?
It is obvious that scientific studies are not to convert the hearts and minds of the people, because the average person does not read medical or scientific journals. People tend have a good measure of common sense and instinctively realize that homosexuality and its associated practices are unhealthy for both individuals and societies in general.
These studies are also instead to convince the power structures (in particular, the court systems) that homosexuality is an innate characteristic. After all, the homosexuals have used the court system to their great advantage on the way to fulfilling their many goals, just as others used the court system to enshrine abortion over the objections of most of the population.
However, nobody is perfect. We all have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual defects that take many different forms. This is a consequence of our fallen nature, and each of us must strive to overcome our flaws and weaknesses for God’s greater glory.
By Human Life International