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My name G.O and this is how my journey with pro-life started
I hail from a Catholic family. I was a very good church boy right from secondary school who participated in school activities like singing in the choir, serving at Mass, cleaning the church among others. I was very proud of “O” level school upbringing.
My father was and has always been my inspiration regarding how a Christian should live, he always asked someone to do something for the church however small it was.
When I went to “A” level, my church life changed somehow. I do not remember doing anything for the church. Meanwhile my little brother became a very active member of Mbuya Parish and suddenly became the person I admired so much. He served the church from a very young age and today is the director of the Parish Choir. He challenged me somehow to find something to do for the church. I attempted to join the choir but suddenly realized I had become shy and couldn’t sing in public. I failed to find my self in this regard completely and basically gave up to just being a person who goes to church and go back home.
Now, came a phase when I was to go the university (Kyambogo) in 2013. I was very excited to move to this era not knowing how easily one could get lost amidst an environment that was open (one could live life in any way they wanted). No rules, no regulations. I was lucky to have friends who had direction, people who were church going and active in the university chapel so I kind of continued going to church.
The discovery…….
On a given Sunday, I went to visit an uncle in Kinawataka (Mbuya), realizing I was getting late for Mass at the Parish, I decided to stop at the sub parish to attend Mass. I must admit I was the kind who disliked announcements. I waited for the final blessing so that I leave. On this particular day it started raining just during the announcements. They invited the leader of UMPA to address the congregation and deep down I was very disinterested in hearing whatever she wanted to say.
However, during her speech, I was so touched when she explained about abortion and the effects. This hit me so hard because at the university I heard of colleagues who were not remorseful about the abortions they had carried out. I suddenly became very interested in listening to the presenter. She said a lot that I felt was interesting to tell people out there. I felt everybody needed to hear this information. After Mass, I sat on the pew, patiently waiting for the presenter as she talked to a few parishioners before I met her. I told her I was touched and wanted to preach this gospel. She gave me the office number and I got in touch with the person who runs the office. My first event was the Pro-Life Convention at ST. AUGUSTINE WAKISO. I was left in amazement at how the Pro-life message had been passed on in a unique and captivating way to the young ones.
I reflected that day on the question of what I could do for the church, the answer was exactly there in front of me. I became an active member of the apostolate; I pioneered the creation of the Pro-life movement of Kyambogo University with a few other students and I continue spreading the gospel of life as an UMPA ambassador.
May God bless all those who initiated this great work of spreading this gospel of life.