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  1. Organize and conduct awareness campaigns in target groups
  2. Form and maintain pro-life clubs
  3. Organize and conduct pro-life annual convention
  4. Organize and conduct life march/ rallies
  5. Organize Diocesan Pro-life Day
  6. Hold radio and TV talk shows
  7. Develop and distribute IEC materials
  8. Offer Natural Family Planning Services
  9. Counseling and guidance on pro-life issues
  10. Referrals for further management
  11. Establishing networks and collaborations for holistic care and support
  12. Organize and carry out charity outreach programs
  13. Conduct trainings of trainers for pro-life change agents
  14. Conduct refresher trainings for trainers.
  15. Develop training manuals on pro-life issues
  16. Train UMPA team in Resource Mobilization
  17. Design a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
  18. Organize and hold performance review meetings (monthly, Bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annual)
  19. Hold mid-term review
  20. Hold end of project evaluation