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I found joy in using Natural Family Planning; thanks to UMPA

I am Nalongo Catherine of Mulago Parish living in Kalerwe. I am a 38year old mother of 4; I have been married for 10years.
In 2017, I chanced to listen to a talk organized by the Pro-life team from the Archdiocese of Kampala who visited our Parish. When they addressed the topic of Natural Family Planning, I was excited to know that such an option existed and I immediately made appointment to learn more. Before that, I had used all kinds of contraceptives and suffered all sorts of side effects ranging from over bleeding, headaches, swelling of the feet- I don’t remember ever being healthy while on contraceptives.
My life turned around after I had a Natural Family Planning session on the Standard Days Method (SDM). (My husband could not come for the session as he is quite shy, so I taught him) It has worked very well for me and my husband for two years now; I feel very healthy and have no regrets whatsoever. I have not conceived in the two years and I want to share the beauty of NFP with all women. I am very grateful to UMPA for liberating me from the bondage of contraception