Ministry of health estimates 400,000 babies are lost in abortions annually, your donation could change the narrative.

The only son I have would not be here if it were not for UMPA

My name is Robinah (not real name) and I would like to share my story with you. In 2005, I lost my husband while I was pregnant with our third child. I was broken, desperate, confused and quite alone. I decided that the best solution was to abort the baby. It made so much sense at the time-my husband was dead, I had two other children to take care of all by myself. I went to Nsambya hospital to find a doctor to advise on the abortion and to also help me abort. While there I met Dr. Sandra, we had a long session of about 1 1/2 hours. What struck me the most during our session was the question she asked me “will the abortion bring an end to all your problems?” The immediate answer was no. So I kept my pregnancy to term and gave birth to a baby boy called MPK. I had desperately wanted a boy. I am so glad I didn’t go ahead with the abortion that day. God has provided for us, especially for him EVERY step of the way. Whatever he has needed has been there. The money for the delivery (c-section) was raised from friends’ contributions. MPK is now in S.2, he is very brilliant and says he wants to study urology. I am really thankful for him, he is such a gift.

UMPA turned my life around

"A complete change of my life by a great knowledge gotten from prolife" For a long time I was not receiving Holy Communion and this paralyzed me spiritually though I was attending daily mass. My name is NPM and I am a nurse by profession I stay at Matugga and I would like to share with you the benefits I got from UMPA. In the first place I would also like to thank Dr. Sandra and everyone who has been working tirelessly to see that Pro-life work goes on well and mostly His Grace the late Bishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga who started this mission. I came in contact with this organization 11years ago for the first time in my life when the director visited our parish. She had come to sensitize our parish about Pro-life and I was among the many people who attended the session. By then I was 38years old. I was disorganized by cohabitating. I was " married" to a man with whom I have 3 children and I was going to church daily but not receiving Holy Communion but I had the desire of receiving the Holy Eucharist but I couldn't and this was a very difficult experience for me though later life changed when I joined and started reading about pro-life facts. Let me share with you some of the facts that I learnt about life but my story will continue; I learnt that life begins at conception, and all human beings were created in the image of God and the right to life is a fundamental right to every human being and any attempt to take away somebody's life at any stage is simply murder therefore, since life begins at the moment of conception, until the moment of natural death it has infinite value and Dignity; that is sacred because it remains forever in special relationship with the creator who is the only Lord of life and death. The Catholic Church also teaches us that a breach of this sanctity and an attempt to interrupt life is a mortal sin. For a long time I didn't know all those facts though i was a nurse because to me a baby in a mother's womb was a fetus according to the scientific books and I couldn't take life in the womb very serious as I take it now. Now that I know the sanctity of life I cannot allow a woman who wants to abort her child go without getting my counseling and after knowing this it brought me very near to God and this helped me to bring others to Jesus. I understood that if I could tell others that we are all important from conception until natural death and that we have a relationship with God which we need to keep, it can help people not destroy their life or put their life in danger since they are important to God who created them in his image and I use this as my path to Holiness and to bring others to God however it's not only the above that Pro-life taught me as I told you earlier that I have learnt a lot.

I found joy in using Natural Family Planning; thanks to UMPA

I am Nalongo Catherine of Mulago Parish living in Kalerwe. I am a 38year old mother of 4; I have been married for 10years. In 2017, I chanced to listen to a talk organized by the Pro-life team from the Archdiocese of Kampala who visited our Parish. When they addressed the topic of Natural Family Planning, I was excited to know that such an option existed and I immediately made appointment to learn more. Before that, I had used all kinds of contraceptives and suffered all sorts of side effects ranging from over bleeding, headaches, swelling of the feet- I don’t remember ever being healthy while on contraceptives. My life turned around after I had a Natural Family Planning session on the Standard Days Method (SDM). (My husband could not come for the session as he is quite shy, so I taught him) It has worked very well for me and my husband for two years now; I feel very healthy and have no regrets whatsoever. I have not conceived in the two years and I want to share the beauty of NFP with all women. I am very grateful to UMPA for liberating me from the bondage of contraception.

About Our Founder

UMPA FOUNDER Archbishop Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga (19th-Jan-1953 to 3rd-Apr-2021) He was installed Archbishop of Kampala on 30th-Sep-2006 and soon after embarked on starting a Pro-life group in the Archdiocese because of his concern for the increasing number of abortions and the moral degeneration. He wanted Pro-life to be a form of new evangelisation in his archdiocese reaching out to the youth, adults and agents of evangelization. Activities of Uganda Martyrs Pro-life Apostolate finally kicked off in April 2008. Archbishop Dr. Cyprian was very passionate about Pro-life and gave as much support as he could to ensure that it spreads to all corners of Kampala Archdiocese and beyond. Whenever he was meeting a group of Archdiocesan lay leaders, the clergy, the Religious, headteachers and other big audiences, he would invite a Pro-life member to address them or he would say something about Pro-life. By the time of his death, UMPA activities had spread widely within the Archdiocese.

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